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Moldova is supposedly the least visited country in Europe and the second poorest country in Europe. While  this might not sound very inviting to most people, I found this country to become my favorite destination on my pre-pandemic East Europe trip. The people are lovely, landscapes are beautiful and there is lots of interesting history and architecture.  Also I had the best food on my entire trip through Eastern Europe there, most noteably the amazing Pelmeni and Borscht 🙂

Watch it here on the website or on Youtube.

Aerial view of Orhei Vechi Monastery in Moldova in tilt-shift video


The Danube Delta in Romania

The Danube Delta is the second largest river delta in Europe. The greater part of the Danube Delta lies in Romania. This area was by far my favorite spot on my Romania trip. It is an amazing eco system with incredible wildlife and it’s amazingly beautiful. This film was shot in Tulcea and around Sfantu Gheorge.

Watch it here on the website or on Youtube.

Birds Eye View of a bot in the Danube Delta, Romania. Screenshot from miniature tilt shift time lapse video 

Roadtrip through Romania

Have you ever seen the real Dracula Castle In Transylvania? You can see the fake tourists trap Bran in the picture below. The “real one” is the following shot in the brand new Little Big World episode.
Other than that you will see amazing mountains, spectacular landscapes, pristine beaches, steam trains, mediveal castles, huge wooden churches, Merry Cemeteries, a fun fair in a saltmine and vibrant cities. While Transylvania might be a bit over-mystified, it is still probably one of the most underrated travel destinations in Europe

Watch it here on the website or on Youtube


Shooting in the Ore Mountains

This weekend we have collected some shots from the Christmas Illuminations in Seiffen, Annaberg-Buchholz & Schwarzenberg. Last change to get these shots before Germany is going into lockdown again.

There will be more shooting this winter and spring so the film can be released in mid 2021.

Hooray! A website for Little Big World.

We have used the down-time and finally managed to create a website. This may be the first good thing that comes along with pandemic travel restrictions for us 🙂

The site may be still a bit rough around the edges for now but in a few weeks it should be up an running. If you come across a flaw please don’t hesitate to send us a message and let us know. Thanks!

Here in the blog you will find news and informations about new projects.

Stay tuned.


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