Romania in miniature

Romania is an amazing country in Eastern Europe. While Transylvania might be a bit over-mystified, it is still probably one of the most underrated travel destinations in Europe offering everything from amazing landscapes, beautiful mountains, vibrant cities, mediveal castles and more mediveal castles 😉 and lovely people. Find out in 4 amazing minutes minutes, why Romania should definitely be on your bucket list in case this pandemic will be over someday.
Shooting locations: Breb, Mocăniță railway, Maramures, Merry Cemetery, Săpânța, Peri-Săpânţa Monastery, Wooden Churches, Bârsana Monastery, Wooden Churches, Brașov, Sighișoara, Sibiu, Fortified Evangelical Church Harman, Fortified Church Prejmer, Râșnov Fortress, Castelul Corvinilor (Corvins’ Castle), Făgăraș Fortress, Bran Castle – The tourist trap “Dracula Castle” near Brasov, Poenari Citadel – “The real Dracula Castle” in Transylvania, Castelul Peles (Peles castle), Iași, Saltmine Salina Turda, Apuseni Mountains Transylvania, Bucegi Natural Park, Rimetea, Apuseni Mountains, Runc, Transfăgărășan Mountain Road, Vidraru Dam, Bucharest

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    Rila Lakes, Belogradchik, Buzludzha Monument, Plovdiv...

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